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US Colleges Allow Tanning Facilities On Or Near Campus-HARD TO BELEIVE THIS IS STILL HAPPENING!

(NPR, NBC News, HealthDay, JAMA Dermatology 10/14)

ThinkstockPhotos-469768874Surprisingly half of the top 125 U.S. colleges and universities allow indoor tanning facilities either on campus or in nearby student housing. Also 14% of colleges allowed students to use “campus cash” to pay for exposure to ultraviolet rays of tanning beds. Interestingly enough when tanning booths were offered in off campus student housing they were free 96% of the time. The AAD points out that melanoma is the number one cancer in adults 25-29. The authors suggest that”in step with tobacco-free policies, tanning free places on college campuses may have high potential to reduce skin cancer risk in young adults”. THIS WOULD SEEM TO BE A ‘NO BRAINER’ MOVE FOR ALL CAMPUSES TO MAKE. STUDENTS ARE FREE TO CHOOSE WHAT THEY WISH TO DO, BUT WHY PUT SUCH A HARMFUL PRACTICE ON CAMPUS AND EVEN OFFER IT FOR FREE SOMETIMES. WE DONT TOLERATE TOBACCO OR ALCOHOL FACILITIES ON CAMPUS, SO WHY WOULD WE TOLERATE FACILITIES THAT PRODUCE SKIN CANCER?