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May 08

At DSA Dermatology of Plano, Texas, we know that your skin changes as you age. This includes changes to the natural volume of the face. As we age, we experience collagen and elastin loss and start to notice skin laxity and a more gaunt appearance. To address this, our providers in Plano, Texas, may suggest […]

Aug 27

At DSA Dermatology, our professionals can help Plano, Texas, area patients with several medical and cosmetic dermatology concerns. This includes offering aesthetic treatments to help with the signs of aging, particularly under-eye wrinkles and fine lines across the face. One way to address these concerns is with cosmetic injectables, such as Botox, which are readily […]

Apr 11

Living in Plano, Texas, means long summer days, warmth, and sunshine throughout the year. This means that kids and adults will need proper sun protection all year round and that conditions such as heat rash can occur no matter the season. This is why our team at DSA Dermatology educates patients on the signs and symptoms of heat rash […]

Nov 30

Intense pulsed light treatment (IPL for short) is a type of laser skin rejuvenation that can address several common skin issues. At DSA Dermatology in Plano, Texas, our patients have been enjoying the benefits of impressive results from IPL laser treatments. What is IPL Photofacial? IPL laser treatments are delivered through a handheld device that […]

Nov 21

A skin cancer diagnosis can be terrifying whether you live in Plano, Texas, or anywhere else. However, the good news is that skin cancer is highly treatable when caught early at a skin cancer check-up. AT DSA Dermatology, we can remove many types of skin cancer, but how do you know when you need a […]

Nov 21

Everyone loves to look as youthful as possible, and that includes people who live in Plano, Texas. If you’re interested in learning more about wrinkle filler injections or natural under-eye fillers, DSA Dermatology is here to offer you solutions. As we age, the look and feel of our skin change. When this happens, it can […]

Sep 26

Have you noticed that you become flushed more quickly than others? Perhaps you have redness or inflammation that occurs on other areas of the body, such as the forehead, chin, ears, chest, or back. If so, you may have a common condition known as rosacea. Rosacea is a chronic condition that often begins with flushed […]

Sep 26

If you are an adult dealing with frustrating hormonal acne breakouts, chances are you’ve already been on the hunt for treatment options that work. Hormonal acne is defined as acne breakouts resulting from changes in your hormones. While it’s more common during puberty, these breakouts can occur well into adulthood, leaving you embarrassed by sudden […]

Jul 12

The feeling of an itchy eczema rash on your skin can be unbearable. While we know scratching only makes it worse, it’s hard to help it. If you’re ready for some lasting relief from your eczema, here at DSA Dermatology in Plano, Texas, Drs. Daniel S. Achtman and Jordan Achtman are ready, willing, and able […]

Feb 09

Lip filler is a great way to improve the natural appearance of your lips and your face. Fillers, like Juvederm, can be used to add volume and adjust the shape of your smile. The doctors and team at DSA Dermatology in Plano, Texas, have helped countless patients restore their confidence with perfectly shaped, soft lips.  Using Juvederm to […]

Oct 15

Over the last few decades, lasers have dramatically transformed how medical, dental, and cosmetic care is provided. At DSA Dermatology in Plano, Texas, we have invested in a wide variety of laser technologies designed to rejuvenate your appearance—without the needles, surgery, and extensive downtime associated with more traditional cosmetic treatments. Laser treatments for your skin […]

Oct 15

Skin cancer affects millions of people each year and, unfortunately, can strike people with any skin type at any age. However, taking specific steps such as monitoring your skin at home and getting routine skin checks by your dermatologist will ensure that if you develop a cancerous lesion, it is caught early when it is […]