ROSACEA is a common, chronic and frustrating inflammatory skin condition that can case blushing, permanent redness and acne like eruptions on the skin. It is more common in women, fair skinned patients, and people whose relative have a “red and rough” type of complexion. Rosacea “redness” can initially come and go, but can progress to permanent dilatation of the blood vessels. Patients should see their Doctor to prevent progression to permanent dilation of the blood vessels. Patients should see their Doctor for any recurrent redness in the face to avoid progression of Rosacea and permanent skin changes. Some patients may even develop Rosacea (redness and irritation) in their eyes. The cause of Rosacea is unknown but modern theories think it is mainly due to an inflammatory condition. Rosacea triggers can include spicy food, stress and anxiety, caffeine and alcohol, extreme hot or cold temperatures, sun exposure and MANY INGREDIENTS IN SKIN CARE PRODUCTS! Severe Rosacea is often treated with specific types of oral or topical antibiotics for up to 12 weeks or longer. The antibiotics are used because of their anti-inflammatory properties, not to “cure” an infection. We know how confusing a frustrating Rosacea can be, and how many times it is a trial and error process to find what works for your particular skin. So, here are some step-care instructions that we hope you will find helpful.


CLEANSE with a mild, non-alcohol, non-irritating, or non-soap product. Avoid scrubbing, rough washcloths, loofahs, sponges, etc. We recommend DSADERM RosaCalm Creamy or Foamy Cleanser, although there are several other cleansers in the line that may also work. We also recommend the MAGIC MITT by Jane Iredale instead of a washcloth.

MEDICATE according to your doctor’s instructions. For moderate or severe Rosacea this may be topical or oral antibiotics. Other options instead of, or in addition to may include DSADERM RosaCalm MWF Crème and DSADERM RosaCalm TTS Gel. These effective and amazing anti-redness botanicals are the same ingredients used in the Quelage Peel for Rosacea. Consider the Quelage Peel as a way to kick start your Rosacea treatment and the peel includes a generous amount of the RosaCalm Cream and Gel. Once stable on these products you can get further control by adding DSADERM Reti-Soothe Gel MWF evenings. Another rapid way to shut down enlarged blood vessels causing permanent redness and reduce rosacea acne is to have an IPL (photofacial) or a SkinPen treatment.

MOISTURIZE with a soothing, non-pore clogging, fragrance and paraben free product that doesn’t contain alcohol or chemical sensitizers. You apply this after your topical medication has dried and penetrated the skin. We recommend DSADERM Aqua-Moist Lotion for oily/combo/normal skin or DSADERM Extreme Lotion or Cream for dry/normal/combo skin.

PROTECT your skin against the sun’s Rosacea triggering rays on sunny and cloudy days with and SPF 30 or more with a physical, fragrance free and non-chemical sensitizing sunscreen. We recommend DSADERM Antiox Sunshade for dry/normal/combo skin, EltaMD Clear for all skin types, or EltaMD Physical for oily/combo/normal skin.

COSMETIC COVER products are the last thing to go on the face and can help cover up of reduce the redness of the face. We recommend oil-free products with the least amount of chemical sensitizers. Yellow or green undertones , not pink are recommended in order to neutralize red colors in the complexion. We recommend Jane Iredale mineral makeup. Feel free to contact us for a complimentary makeup session. We also recommend OXYGENETIX a breathable, hydrating, oxygenating, non-chemical physical SPF 25 complete cover foundation that can be used in Rosacea, Acne and even immediately post-op in aggressive laser or surgical procedures. It is used in hospital burn units and in “Hollywood” to prevent actors from getting acne from makeup under hot filming lights. It is transfer and water resistant, but easily removed. Please see the website for more details, or contact the office for a complimentary makeup session.