What do you mean? We want to give you a simple way to understand this.  If you think of your SKIN as a FLOWER, to flourish and survive it must have WATER and SHADE- This is your ANTIOXIDANT.  Antioxidants Protect and Nourish the skin from harmful pollution and damaging sun rays.  Thus, they stop the destruction of collagen and elastin in the skin.  Antioxidants often sound “organic” like Vitamin C,E, Co Enzyme-10, Green Tea etc.

Your FLOWER also requires FERTILIZER in the soil-this would be the ANTI-AGING compounds such as Retinols, TCAs, Glycolics, etc.  These are usually listed as “acids” so they penetrate the skin and increase the PRODUCTION of collagen and elastin.  So if you STOP the DESTRUCTION of your Collagen and INCREASE PRODUCTION of COLLAGEN you have your bases covered to slow down the signs of aging, and get HEALTHY SKIN.  Usually patients will use antioxidants in the day and snit-aging compounds at night, or sometimes alternate mixtures of the two.