Patients of Drs. Daniel Achtman and Carmine McConnell of DSA Dermatology in Plano, TX, can expect to receive exceptional care utilizing innovative and effective dermal filler products. Voluma is an outstanding product, manufactured by an already proven and trusted name in its field, Juvéderm. Patients in search of some of their lost youthfulness and vibrancy as a result of aging can enjoy renewed fullness and restored contours to the face. Many achieve great satisfaction while avoiding the expense and inconvenience of surgery with such safe facial dermal fillers.

As a Juvéderm Voluma patient, you can expect treatments to bring back fullness and volume in your face. This product is specifically designed to volumize a patient’s cheeks. Juvéderm Voluma is effective at filling and firming hollowed-out or sagging cheeks. Results can be enjoyed for as long as two years. Patients may even experience visible improvements in areas which are not in the targeted treatment areas. These positive results may appear naturally as a side benefit to other areas of the face, including reduction of nasolabial lines and smoothing of wrinkles around the eyes.

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Juvéderm Voluma is injected into areas where improvement is desired, by one of our qualified professionals. Most patients describe the process as easy and only experiencing what they might describe as “minimal discomfort.” Hyaluronic acid is the active ingredient, delivered in a thick and smooth consistency to achieve instantaneous improvement. This key ingredient is a substance that is already present in the human body, which explains why it is so easily accepted by the body and is effective. This means that patients should expect no serious harmful or negative side effects from treatments. Any injectable may cause some mild bruising, swelling, or redness, but these resolve quickly following injections, if they appear at all. No lengthy recovery or downtime is required. Any visible signs of the Voluma injection may be covered with makeup after only twelve hours following treatment.

Contact the office of DSA Dermatology to find out more about this exceptional product, or to schedule a consultation. We will work with you to determine if Juvéderm Voluma is right to achieve your image goals, and return the youthful curves to your cheeks and facial contours. This product can keep you looking younger for longer. Avoid unnecessary surgery with the natural benefits offered by Voluma, or any of our other dermal fillers or enhancing treatments. For the most satisfactory experience, trust our expertise and the gentle care that comes with every treatment.

Why Choose DSA Dermatology?

At DSA Dermatology, we bring to you the best of not one but three leading dermatologists in Plano TX,

Dr. Daniel S. Achtman Dr. Carmine G. McConnell Dr. Jordan. Achtman

At DSA Dermatology, we bring to you the best of not one but three leading dermatologists in Plano TX, Dr. Daniel S. Achtman, Dr. Carmine G. McConnell and Dr. Jordan. Achtman.

Dr. Achtman is a board-certified Dermatologist with over three decades of experience. Having graduated from the medical school of McMaster University, he also studied at the UTSW Medical Center in Dallas, TX where he also served as Chief Resident in the Department of Dermatology. In addition to possessing extensive training and experience in cosmetic enhancement techniques, Dr. Achtman is widely known as a leading expert in the diagnosis and treatment of various skin cancers. He is an active member of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Dr. Achtman goes the extra mile to understand your medical concerns and to ensure that he helps you meet your unique aesthetic goals.

Dr. Carmine G. McConnell is a board-certified physician in Plano TX. Having been trained at McMaster University, Canada, she went on to earn her board certification in Texas. Having served as Chief of Staff of her department at Plano Medical Center, she has over two decades of experience in practicing medicine in her practice and while assisting Dr. Achtman in the practice of dermatology. In addition to her extensive postgraduate training in laser therapy and aesthetic surgery, among other procedures, she possesses vast experience in both cosmetic dermatological techniques and family medicine. As a conscientious and caring physician, Dr. McConnell provides her patients with customized non-surgical treatments to help address health and aesthetic concerns related to the skin. She is also keen on helping patients understand their skin and how it can be cared for and protected.

Dr. Jordan Achtman is a board-certified dermatologist in DSA Dermatology at Plano, TX. Dr. J. Achtman graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and completed his residency in dermatology at UT Southwestern. His expertise spans general, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. Dr. J. Achtman also has various special interests including chronic itch, infectious diseases of the skin, and the relationship between mental health and skin health. He is also very keen on helping patients form healthy skincare regimens and habits. In the hands of Dr. J. Achtman, you can be assured of innovative and cutting edge solutions for all your skin concerns.