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Apr 03

Patients in the Dallas and Plano, Texas area interested in undergoing cosmetic procedures are often concerned about the cost of their treatment. At DSA Dermatology, our staff works with individuals to make treatments attainable for most budgets. The front office staff is knowledgeable in working with health insurance plans and applying coverage. However, it is […]

Jul 29

(MedPage Today 3/8/13). In a study presented at the annual AAD convention of over 500 people with a history of receiving tattoos, it seemed that at least one-third of them regretted their decision. Interestingly enough, twice as many men regretted it as women did, and the numbers rose to three times as many men regretting […]

Nov 04

(Washington Post 6/11). MEN!!!  It seems male patients approaching the ages of 40-60 years feel it is important to keep a youthful look to ensure both social and professional successes, especially in this tight, youthful, and highly competitive job market.   IT’S ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF EQUALITY OF THE SEXES.

Nov 04

(Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery 6/11). Reports that crow’s feet responded better to Dysport than to Botox have surfaced. Patients favored the Dysport treated side by a 2:1 margin during a 30 day split face trial. Producers of Botox challenged the study stating that the dosing, limited time, and small number of subjects made the […]

Nov 04

(Dermatology Surgery 6/11). Research suggests that using Botox more than one time allows you to start using less to achieve the same results after 20 months. They also suggest that people who start using Botox therapy between 30-50 years of age can prevent future wrinkles as well as erasing existing ones. Wrinkle prevention seems to […]

Nov 04

(ABC News8/11). Baby Boomers, and even people in their 70′s, are turning to cosmetic procedures. The number of cosmetic surgery patients over 65 years old has soared. Healthy older people who are medically stable have nearly identical surgical risks compared to their younger peers. Some patients are considering having such procedures to stay competitive in […]

Nov 04

(Bloomberg News 6/11). The company Fibrocell Science has received FDA approval for a new injectable wrinkle treatment that restores elasticity to the skin, using the patient’s own cells. The treatment is known as LAVIV, and it is Fibrocell’s initial market product as well as the first treatment for wrinkles that is made from the patient’s […]

Oct 04

Tumor formation was delayed and reduced with chemical peeling agents after exposure to ultraviolet (sun) radiation (Journal Dermatology Science 10/2010) Chemical Peels are popular procedures for the rejuvenation of sun-damaged skin. They can improve fine lines and brown spots on skin that is already at risk for skin cancers. Researchers investigated the effects of Peels […]