Kybella is an FDA-approved treatment that targets excess fat that accumulates underneath a person’s chin – a condition regularly referred to as a “double chin.” This extra fullness beneath the chin may make a person look older or heavier than they actually are, despite being healthy and fit otherwise. Kybella is the ideal solution for both men and women who experience undesirable excess fat beneath their chin. DSA Dermatology in Plano provides this safe and very effective treatment to lift and restore youthfulness to this problem area.

Many would assume that surgery or liposuction would be required to improve the condition; therefore, they prefer to do nothing. Following its approval in 2015, we now have an alternative in Kybella. Kybella is an injectable solution, which means no invasive surgery is required. This product, available from Drs. Daniel Achtman & Carmine McConnell, can make it seem as if years and pounds have been shed from this area. During a consultation, the doctor will explain how many treatments a patient may require to reach their treatment goal. A patient will often experience immediate improvement upon treatment, with even more results continuing to appear over a period of time, and with additional treatments. Any additional visits will be scheduled at one to two month intervals, and the image goal is normally achieved after two to six treatments. Upon reaching their goal, patients will enjoy their transformed appearance without the need for retreatment.

Kybella’s key ingredient is deoxycholic acid. This is a safe substance, as it already occurs naturally in the human body. It goes to work to destroy unwanted fat cells. Once they are eliminated, they are gone for good. Any subsequent treatments are intended to target remaining cells for elimination. Side effects are minimal, and normally decrease with each treatment. As with any injection, patients may expect some mild discomfort from bruising, redness, or swelling.

We encourage you to call us and visit one of our caring providers for outstanding medical services. Our desire is to help you enhance your youthful appearance with exceptional skin, face, and body treatments. If you’ve noticed the area beneath your chin has become fuller than you’d like, contact us to find out more about Kybella, and to discover if it could be right for you. And if not, we are happy to discuss any of our specially designed services and exceptional treatment products available that would coordinate best with your individual desires, goals, comfort level, and budget.

At this time, Kybella is only approved for treatment of the fatty chin area. Any other use is not endorsed or recommended, until further testing produces additional indications. Satisfactory outcomes will be achieved by selecting a quality medical provider. At DSA Dermatology, you will find a practice with a commitment to deliver only the most efficacious applications. No surgery! No scarring or cutting! Get started right away with a smoother and tightened chin with Kybella injections!

Kybella Facts Sheet
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