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Many practitioners in cosmetic medicine refer to Botox as a modern “wonder drug.” It has been in use medically for a quarter of a century, and the FDA approved it for cosmetic use in 2002. In that time, Botox has had an exceptional record of safety when administered by properly trained medical professionals, such as the practitioners at DSA Dermatology.

Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are neuromodulators, which block communication between the treated muscle and the nerve fiber. This prevents muscle contractions, for a naturally relaxed appearance. These products are highly effective, yet non-permanent. Neuromodulators are used cosmetically around the eye and forehead areas, to relax away crow’s feet, worry lines, and more.

The process is fast – it is usually completed in less than 15 minutes with zero downtime. The results develop over the next three to five days, and they can last from six months to one year. On occasion, we may recommend a touch-up session about two weeks after the initial treatment, to ensure optimal benefits.

Whether you are looking for a quick, simple way to refresh your appearance, or you are tired of looking tired, Botox or Dysport may be the ideal solution. These formulas are popular for their ability to quickly and effectively relax age-associated wrinkles and lines. If you want to look younger and more relaxed, without anyone knowing you’ve had cosmetic treatment, Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin may be right for you.

A quick, comfortable treatment with these formulas can help reduce the signs of aging, while smoothing the subtle contours of your face. With fast, safe, predictable results, the popularity of these treatments around the world has skyrocketed. However, it is advisable to use caution when choosing a provider.

The quality of the result is dependent upon the skill of the injector. You may have seen people who look unnaturally “frozen” after Botox or Dysport treatment. This is most likely the result of poor judgment on the part of the practitioner, using too much, injecting it in the wrong area, or both. When treated properly, by a skilled medical practitioner such as the providers at DSA Dermatology, you should look naturally calm, relaxed, and youthful. By visiting DSA Dermatology, you will be assured you are receiving the highest in quality and care.

Neuromodulators FAQ

Dysport and Xeomin are neuromodulators, very similar to Botox. Either formula is a wonderful treatment for smoothing away wrinkles, by relaxing the muscles that cause them.
Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are used most frequently around the eyes and on the forehead. They can correct crow’s feet, lines between the eyebrows, and wrinkles on the forehead.
The exact results vary for each individual, with an average of three to several months.
No, but it’s not permanent. Within two to four months, your body can metabolize the product, though the results may last up to one year.
The actual treatment will take around 15 minutes.
Typically, you will see results within a few days of your appointment, although in some cases it may take up to two weeks. The benefits typically last between six and twelve months.
It is very rare for a patient to experience side effects from Dysport, Botox, or Xeomin and they are usually very mild. In reality, you are more likely to experience side effects from drinking alcoholic beverages or taking aspirin than from having Dysport treatment.
Yes, you will. Dr. Achtman is well known as an expert injector, and he placed the product strategically to achieve optimal benefits while maintaining a natural appearance and movement.
No! You will be able to resume your normal daily activities immediately after your appointment. However, for the first 12 hours, we do not recommend exercising or holding your head downward for a prolonged period.
Occasionally, a touch-up may be required and will usually take place two weeks after your initial appointment. This helps you enjoy the maximum benefits.
Are you ready to see a radiantly smooth, youthful face in your mirror every day? Call DSA Dermatology at (972) 362-9567 and schedule your consultation to find out if Botox or Dysport treatments are right for you.

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