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Dec 11

(The San Francisco Chronicle 10/23/13) A study published on line by the American Academy of Dermatology stated that tanning salons are still providing false information about the harmful effects of tanning. They found that more than 60% of the salons contacted denied any danger from the ultraviolet exposure from tanning and made unlawful claims of […]

Jun 11

(US Center for Disease Control, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, 8/20/130) JAMA Medical Journal reported 29% of female Caucasian high school students use tanning beds. AAD reported 32% of Caucasian women under the age of 30 visited tanning beds within a year, 8% visiting weekly. It is believed the tanning beds are […]

Nov 04

 Visiting a tanning salon for “base tan” will NOT protect your skin from DNA (cancer) injury. (Pigment Cell Melanoma Research 02/2011) People with darker skin (such as African ancestry) tend to be much less susceptible to ultraviolet (sun) induced DNA damage (skin cancers) than those with lighter skin (such as Northern European ancestry). So many […]

Jul 08

(Health Day 5/10). According to an AAD poll of 3,800 white females, aged 14-22, reported 43 percent of the young tanners were never warned about the dangers of tanning beds by salon employees. Three out of ten stated there were no warning labels on the equipment. *** HMMM, I THOUGHT SUCH PLACES WOULD HAVE LEGAL […]

Jun 24

When sunlight is reflected off of water, sand, or snow, it can cause burns to the cornea of the eye. This is sometimes called “snow blindness.” In mild cases, it can heal in a couple of days; more severe cases can take longer. This problem can also occur in tanning booths as well. WEARING PROPER […]