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Oct 15

Skin cancer affects millions of people each year and, unfortunately, can strike people with any skin type at any age. However, taking specific steps such as monitoring your skin at home and getting routine skin checks by your dermatologist will ensure that if you develop a cancerous lesion, it is caught early when it is […]

Jun 07

Your skin is utterly unique. So is your heredity, medical status, and lifestyle. When faced with a diagnosis of skin cancer, there is no single go-to solution since effectiveness depends on many factors. Patients of DSA Dermatology in Plano get the highest level of personalized attention with skin cancer treatments in the experienced care of […]

Jun 07

Drs. Achtman and McConnell in Plano, TX are dermatologists who work with patients to provide solutions for the hair, skin, nails, and body. When patients come in for screenings or to evaluate an area of concern and are diagnosed with skin cancer, they may want to know what options they have available for treatment. Our […]

Jun 07

A diagnosis of skin cancer can be incredibly scary for any patient. However, patients in the Plano, TX area are in good hands when they visit the team of DSA Dermatology for treatment. Drs. Carmine McConnell and Daniel Acthman work together with patients to discuss the many options available for treatment of skin cancer. Skin […]

Jun 07

“The biopsy came back positive. The lesion is cancerous.” You knew there was a possibility that mole was something more than, well, a mole. You talked with your family doctor and educated yourself on the topic. You thought you were prepared for the results, no matter how serious. However, you were probably overcome with an […]

Jun 06

(NPR, NBC News, HealthDay, JAMA Dermatology 10/14) Surprisingly half of the top 125 U.S. colleges and universities allow indoor tanning facilities either on campus or in nearby student housing. Also 14% of colleges allowed students to use “campus cash” to pay for exposure to ultraviolet rays of tanning beds. Interestingly enough when tanning booths were […]

Apr 29

(New York Times 5/1/14) The Journal JAMA Dermatology suggests that nail salon dryers, which use ultra violet light to speed the drying and hardening of gel nail polishes can emit varying levels of radiation that can lead to risky skin damage in as few as 8 visits to the salon. A random sampling of UV […]

Feb 15

(AP 1/14/14) The Minnesota government, which conducts a student survey every three years, reports that more than one third of 11th grade girls reported using a tanning bed within the last year, and more than 50% said they tanned at least 10 times in the last 12 months. It is scientific knowledge that tanning beds […]

Jun 11

(US Center for Disease Control, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, 8/20/130) JAMA Medical Journal reported 29% of female Caucasian high school students use tanning beds. AAD reported 32% of Caucasian women under the age of 30 visited tanning beds within a year, 8% visiting weekly. It is believed the tanning beds are […]

Nov 04

How much time in the sun do you need to stay healthy? Sunlight is beneficial. It gives us Vitamin D, prevents insomnia, and wards off depression. It also causes skin cancer, cataracts, age spots, and wrinkles. So find out how much of a good thing you really need! Ultraviolet B light is strongest 11:00am to […]

Nov 04

(J Clin Oncol. Posted online December 6, 2010) It may seem like captain obvious – but I hope this motivates patients to use proper sunscreen and reduce the melanoma cancer rate by a whopping 50%. Researchers at the University of Queensland have reported the results of a study, which confirms that individuals who are diligent […]

Nov 04

Some Fourth-Year Medical Students Lack Proficiency in Detecting Melanomas (Reuters 2/12) According to research presented at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting, some fourth-year medical students are not particularly proficient when it comes to detecting melanomas. In a study in which students were presented with patients complaining about carpal tunnel syndrome and wearing simulated melanomas, […]