We are sure that you have tried some over the counter products before you have chose to consult us. We strongly recommend that you do get your acne condition examined by a board certified Dermatologist so that you are able to avoid conditions that may produce scarring, or you may be treating the wrong condition with the wrong medications, such as treating Rosacea acne as regular acne, or you are experiencing hormonal problems that may need to be corrected in order to ensure successful treatment of your acne. The following products may be helpful in the treatment of your acne, but only your Dermatologist can help you decide if you need prescription medications for your first line therapy.

CLEANSE– Most acne prone skin tends to be oily. So most cleansers tend to control oil, as well as providing anti-inflammatory, and bacterial fighting ingredients. It is a delicate balance to clean the skin, but not to over dry and irritate it. We recommend DSADERM Medicated Cleanser which has lots of acne fighting ingredients in it without being overly harsh.

MEDICATE– Your Dermatologist may recommend oral or topical prescription medications to control your acne. We also suggest the following products that you may find very helpful in allowing you to control your acne. We recommend DSADERM Medicated Daily Pads, and DSADERM Weekly Masque as a way to quickly get rid of excess oil and reduce acne breakouts.

Your Dermatologist may also recommend prescription Retinols. For older patients with drier skin and acne, they may not be able to tolerate these stronger Retinols. We can find a gentler buffered retinol that you will be able to use not only for your acne, but also for its anti-aging benefits such as DSADERM Reti-Soothe, or Ret-1,2,or 3 Gel or Serum. Alternatively we offer office treatments such as micro-dermabrasion, SkinPen Micro-Therapy, extractions and glycolic peels for more stubborn acne that needs a little extra help.

HYDRATE– Although acne prone skin is often oily and patients are afraid to use moisturizers, it is often necessary. Sometimes acne medications cause dryness or irritation, or older acne patients may have dry skin but don’t want to use something that will aggravate their acne! We recommend DSADERM Rejuvenating Moisture Enhancer which is water based, barely there extremely light moisturizer. Or DSADERM Aqua-Moist Lotion an oil free, very smooth moisturizer. Also patients that are undergoing Accutane treatment may nee moisturizers not only for their skin but also for their lips and we recommend DSADERM LipCalm.

PROTECT– Yes, even acne prone patients need sunscreen! We recommend oil-free, chemical free sunscreens such as EltaMD Clear, EltaMD Physical, or EltaMD Shield Sunscreen