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Aug 25

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Taking good care of your skin is essential for not only protecting it from the sun, wind, and pollutants that it is exposed to daily but also maintaining a healthy, vibrant glow and youthful appearance. At DSA Dermatology in Plano, Texas, Dr. Achtman , Dr. McConnell and Dr. Jordan Achtman are here to […]

Jun 30

For patients with acne prone skin, it may be confusing and difficult to determine what can be done to bring the skin back to health and keep it looking great. This is why Drs. Daniel Achtman and Carmine McConnell of DSA Dermatology in the Plano area suggest patients contact them to have a full examination […]

Jun 30

In order to address many problems on the skin, Drs. Daniel Achtman and Carmine McConnell of DSA Dermatology encourage patients in the Plano, TX area to work with a quality team of professionals for skin analysis and treatment that provides exceptional results. Our team works closely with patients to evaluate their skin and offer suggestions […]

Jun 30

Years in the sun can result in sun damaged skin. Many of us have enjoyed long summer days outside, and while tanned skin may look attractive, it is not healthy. As patients age, skin damage begin to show as areas of hyperpigmentation on the face and body. This damage is often called “sun spots” or […]

Jun 30

While genetics can play a large part in the development of acne and other skin issues, for many men, their skin care routine may also be affecting the health and appearance of their skin. Instead of thinking that there’s nothing you can do, at DSA Dermatology, we encourage men in the Plano, Texas area to […]

Jul 12

With summer around the corner and increasing concern about the spread of the Zika virus in the United States, dermatologists might notice more patients inquiring about how to safely repel mosquitos and their disease-inducing bites. Read More

May 18

(Health Day 5/10/14) Research presented to the Investigative Dermatology’s Annual meeting suggested that annual visits to a physicianmight reduce the risk of dying from melanoma. Investigators looked at 251 Caucasian patients, average age of 60 years, diagnosed with melanoma between 2001 and 2007. The risk of dying from melanoma was 70% less among those patients […]