Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation


OXYGENETIX offers foundation and moisturizers withno heavy oils, alcohols or irritating chemicals. It is non allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-acne, transfer and water resistant yet easily removed in a light breathable complete coverage form. It has a physical sunscreen of SPF 25. It can be worn over any type of procedure such as laser or plastic surgery as it allows continuous Oxygen uptake like a virtual breathable second skin. It can also stand up to the bright lights of Hollywood without causing any skin irritation. Even if you have no problems with your skin such as acne or rosacea, many people are choosing to wear it daily as their regular foundation because of its light weight feel and complete natural looking coverage. Please call the office to experience this amazing foundation and experience a complimentary application. Once you have been matched for your skin tone you may order both the moisturizer which creates the perfect breathable palette for the foundation, and order both on line. Please see our website for further detailed information.

SIZE 1.5 ml
COLOR (please choose)
creme/ beige/ almond/ honey/ tawny/ pearl/ ivory/ taupe/ walnut/ coco/other_____