DSADERM Brilliant Glow Serum

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This is a light, water like liquid that is applied with a dropper and dries very quicky. It is best suited for patients that tend to have more oily or acneic skin areas to be treated. It can be used on large or small areas.

Size  1 oz


This product is more potent and for advanced hyperpigmentation. It includes antioxidants, brightening agents and/or retinol. Because they are sensitive to temperature changes, they can not be shipped by mail and are only offered in the office. Your doctor is the best one to decide if you are a candidate for these products. For stubborn hyperpigmentation consider other treatments such as IPL (photofacial), Fractional Laser, Melanage Peel, Liquid Nitrogen, Microdermabrasion, or SkinPen

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