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This is the bomb! This cream combines urea and gylcolic acid in an emollient cream. The AF version adds the anti-fungal clotrimazole. The glycolic acid helps exfoliate thickened and cracked skin which can harbor micro-organisms, and the urea helps soften dry calloused skin which allows for better penetration of the healing ingredients. If your skin is deeply cracked it may cause tingling as any glycolic preparation can do. Perfect for patients who frequent the gym, need lots of pedicures, wear open toed sandals, or heavy work boots. We have even seen it perform for men with heavily calloused elbows and knees. It also is wonderful for women who get gel manicures, and find that the acetone polish remover causes terrible drying of the fingertips. Apply this cream at night a few times a week and everything returns to normal!

SIZE- 1.75oz

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