DSADERM Extreme Moisture Cream


The concentrated moisturizingcream will heal dry, cracked or flakey skin. This moisturizer contains natural ceramides which keep the skin moist, and often become depleted when we get dry skin. By replacing what your skin has lost you are restoring the skin’s natural moisture barrier from within, and rebuilding it’s protective layer. Patients love the feel of this product and it is fragrance free and not oily or heavy! Patients often choose to wear it at night over top anti-aging products such as retinols, glycolic acids, or TCA in order to avoid sensitivity, dryness or redness.The lotion is more light weight and used for normal/combo skin, usually during the day over anti-aging products, under makeup and sunscreen.Makeup or sunscreen will not pill or roll on top of it.Patients love its “barely there feeling

SIZE CREAM- 1.75oz/ LOTION- 1oz

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