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Choosing a physician for medical or cosmetic procedures is an important decision. When you choose DSA Dermatology, you can feel confident that your skin is in good hands. Our physicians, medical esthetician, and staff members are highly trained, experienced, respected professionals, who genuinely care about their patients.

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Recent Patient Reviews

5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology JP
Thank you! T and I are very thankful for you and the staff, never more so than now.
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology JP
I was treated with respect and care. I was apprehensive about the visit and it went very well. I would recommend this practice to anyone.
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology JP
I have been going to DSA for years. Great Doctor and service!
~ RB
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology JP
I felt very comfortable with all the staff. The doctor fully listened to me and gave me multiple recommendations. He was never pushy and extremely helpful. The thing they did best was to listen to the patient
~ JP, Age 28
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology JC
Dr McConnell treated me with the new Vascular Laser for redness on my nose and face. The results were awesome! She was very professional and knowledgable. Her staff is friendly, courteous, and professional.
~ JC, Age 53
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology KP
I was treated with the new Vascular IPL laser for redness on my face. This was the first time I've seen results that made a difference. Dr McConnell was very friendly and carefully explained the treatment to me. The staff is super nice.
~ KP, Age 50
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology Tonya
I have been seeing Dr. Achtman for more years than I can recall. I admire and trust his knowledge. I have also seen Dr. McConnell on a few occasions. She is delightful and always very helpful. Their office staff is always very helpful, kind and welcoming. I am and have been a very happy patient for many many many years!
~ Tonya J.
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
Hats off to Dr Achtman and Dr McConnell and their entire staff! This is my go to for dermatological care and skincare as well. They have developed a line of products that are wonderful! Dr McConnell is great with all the skincare and has the lasers to get the job done! Dr Achtman knows his dermatology and always has the answer for your skin problems! Need I say more? I'm a fan! Shonda.
~ Shonda H.
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
Dr Achtman and Dr McConnell are excellent in both their fields. I highly recommend them. I have used them for many years.
~ Debi
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
These are the best Doctors. Their office is such a pleasant place to visit. They are always on schedule.
~ Sandra
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
Dr Achtman is excellent!!! Would recommend highly to skin cancer check up!
~ Kathy
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
Our dermatologists for over 20 years. Great, caring doctors.
~ Bonnie
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
Love DSA The whole staff is wonderful sweet everyone is helpful.
~ Pamela
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
Dr. McConnell explained everything about the ResurFX for facial scars and wrinkling in advance, so I knew what to expect. The results greatly exceed my expectations. The Acne scars were hardly visible and my pores were significantly smaller. Dr McConnell explained in detail what additional options I have to continue enhancing collagen production.The Staff is very friendly and provides great customer service.
Compared to other practices they really took the time to explain the various options I had to achieve the results I wanted.
~ R.S., Age 62
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
The SkinPen micro-needling procedure has helped with the redness and scarring on my skin. Because of my skin type, I can't have a laser treatment so the Skin Pen is ideal for me.

Dr. McConnell is very knowledgeable and has taught me so much about skincare and how to take care of my skin.

The staff at DSA dermatology is very friendly and always very attentive to the patient's needs. I have been coming to DSA dermatology since my teenage years. The service is always great.

There are various options when it comes to treating the patient and having two great doctors in the same practice helps create a better patient experience.
~ SR, Age 28
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
I had a photo-facial on the forehead and scalp for brown spots. The procedure was quicker than I expected it to be. The results were better than I expected. Dr. McConnell explained in detail what would happen. She also explained what to expect after the treatment. The staff answered every question I had. The Esthetician was great and explained everything that was going on.
~ JF, Age 48
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
Dr. Achtman, Wanted to let you know-and to say another huge "Thank you" for a beautiful set of lips! I've had very little swelling and - for the first time -absolutely no bruising! And, as usual, your staff was exemplary. Best Regards,
~ Joan P.
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
...IPL (photo-facial) and Fraxel removed my hyperpigmentation. The Drs. were professional and efficient, and took time to explain the procedure and the goals. The staff is friendly and efficient.
~ Janet, Age 71
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
...had microdermabrasion and IPI (photo-facial), it was highly effective with minimal discomfort. Drs. Achtman and McConnell are knowledgeable, to the point, and good listeners. They also keep their appointments on time! The staff is friendly and efficient.
~ Mary, Age 59
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
I like the total change in my appearance. My skin looks younger. The peel helped with redness, lines and my pores. Dr. Achtman and McConnell are easy to talk to. They listen to your concerns and thoughts. They do not rush you, or talk you into anything. They are super at talking to you about your options and explaining it in a manner that you are comfortable with. Everyone is very friendly and kind. Super nice people.
~ Tonya C, Age 51
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
Dear Dr Achtman,
I cant tell you how pleased I am with your foot balm product. It's easy to apply and it works! I had been plagued with peeling heels for years (since I was a child), not knowing there was something I could do about it. Now I can wear sandals, worry free. My daughter also has the same condition and uses it now too! Thanks.
Yours truly (a satisfied patient),
~ Debra, Age 60
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
At 68 years old I still wanted to improve the way I looked, for myself. I feel young, and Botox and fillers help to make me look younger. I have known Drs. McConnell and Achtman for at least 15 years. Their staff is friendly and concerned. I trust that the doctors opinions and treatments are in my best interest. My long term relationship with both Doctors assures me that I am in good hands.
~ Mary, Age 68
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
All the staff are just wonderful, kind, friendly, assisting and accommodating to make prompt appointments. Amazing office, experience and staff-every time. This is an exceptional office of admirable staff, Dr. Achtman.
~ Susan, Age 51
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
I've never had a doctor so vested in my happiness plus results. I see both Dr. Mcconnell and Dr. Achtman. I receive customized treatments and there is always something offered to make procedures affordable and focus on minimal downtime.
~ Kristine, Age 39
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
I went for my first visit and was taken back to a room right after filling out my paperwork...very short wait. Nurse discussed my reason for visiting and doctor was in within 5 minutes. He was friendly, professional, thorough, listened to me, asked me if I had any questions. Had a mole removed and I literally did not feel any pain from the injection or brief procedure. Much better experience than my previous dermatologist. As such, I would highly recommend Dr Achtman.
~ Mike S
5 Star Reviews, DSA Dermatology
Nice office, nice staff and doctor. I've gone here several times, mainly because I use Latisse on my eyelashes and you have to get a prescription for it. But I have him check my skin on an annual basis, just to make certain I don't have any type of skin cancer. Have had a good experience with this office. No complaints at all.
~ Cindy, Age 54
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