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It's the Bomb!!!

Plano Top Special Offers - Foot Bomb

"I always had beautiful feet. When I turned 50 my heels began to be dry, scaly, calloused, and ugly in spite of pedicures and lots of cream. I had it cultured for fungus and it was negative. Nothing worked. Then I tried “FOOT BOMB”. Believe it or not 1 application and 24 hours later my heels were soft and beautiful. I will never stop using the Foot Bomb. It is easy to use and not greasy. It washes of with water."
A.A. of Plano, TX.
"My husband has suffered with very dry, scaly dark, thick skin on his knees for many years. Not only was it unsightly, he was uncomfortable wearing shorts out in public! After using the Foot Bomb for just one week we noticed a significant improvement in not only the texture of the skin but also an obvious lightening of the skin! We now consider Foot Bomb our miracle product!"
S.C. Carrollton,TX.
"This amazing cream contains glycolic and urea which allows it to penetrate through any dry, cracked, calloused or thickened skin. It has green tea, shea butter, rapeseed, and peppermint oil to soften and restore any dry skin. It comes in regular or an anti-fungal formula (if you have this problem)."


DSA Dermatology products of the Month

It's Peel Season, Get you skin in the game, DSADERM, Plano
Back in action within a week, DSADERM, Plano
Prepare for team photo, DSADERM, Plano
End of year squad goals, DSADERM, Plano
All the peels will be discounted 15% and if Micro Dermabrasion is indicated it will be discounted 33% ($50 if accompanied by a procedure). These rules will apply if the peel is booked and pre paid by 10/31/19 and is redeemed within 60 days. We offer Free consultation with Dr. McConnell and Leila before the procedure for the type of peel suitable for you as well as assistance in completing consent forms.
$100 Saving Juvederm Offers with DSADERM, Plano
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