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Plano area dermatologist describes effective skin cancer treatment options


skin cancerous tumor on back women , Plano, TX area dermatologist
A diagnosis of skin cancer can be incredibly scary for any patient. However, patients in the Plano, TX area are in good hands when they visit the team of DSA Dermatology for treatment. Drs. Carmine McConnell and Daniel Acthman work together with patients to discuss the many options available for treatment of skin cancer.

Skin cancer treatment

Patients need to seek treatment for skin cancer as soon as possible. This eliminates the chances of the cancer spreading to other areas of the body or becoming larger on the skin. Skin cancer treatment may vary depending on the needs of the patient, the costs, the location of the cancer, the size, and the preferences of the individual. For example, patients who have a relatively small mole on the face that has tested positive for cancerous cells may opt for a treatment called Mohs micrographic surgery. This procedure is often done to reduce disfigurement of the treatment area and to provide precise removal of the cancerous cells. The location of the cancer may dictate this preferred treatment. However, skin cancer on a more discreet area of the body that is less aggressive may be removed with a simple excision. Patients are encouraged to speak to their dermatological team about the different types of skin cancer treatment and which one is most appropriate for their needs. Patients who opt for radiation or chemotherapy will continue treatment with an oncologist instead of a dermatologist.

Interested in learning more about skin cancer treatments?

Drs. Carmine McConnell and Daniel Achtman of DSA Dermatology can provide patients with the information they need to make a knowledgeable decision regarding the treatment of their diagnosed skin cancer concerns. Their practice is easy to contact via phone at (972) 362-9567 or by personally visiting their practice at 4010 West Park Boulevard in Plano, Texas. Our team of professionals have years of combined experience and encourage patients to take the time to learn about treatment options available.

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