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What are some examples of skin rashes that might be seen in Plano area patients?

Skin Rashes Plano - Psoriasis Rash on Skin Plano While eczema and psoriasis are two chronic types of skin rashes that can affect both children and adults, there are a wide range of reasons why patients may develop rashes. Some skin conditions may be an indication of a more serious problem, or may be present as something simple as an allergic reaction. Here are some of the more common types of rashes seen at DSA Dermatology by Drs. Achtman and McConnell:

Contact Dermatitis
This particular rash is formed due to an allergic reaction to something the skin has come in contact with. This may be anything from a new cosmetic, a type of fabric, or a brand of laundry detergent, plants or topical creams and antibiotics.

Drug Rash
When patients have an external allergic reaction to a medication they may be taking* ORALLY, a rash known as a “drug rash” may appear. This can occur to either over-the-counter medications or those which are prescribed to patients by a physician.

Shingles, also known as Herpes Zoster, is a condition that can occur in mature individuals who have previously been exposed to chicken pox. This rash typically develops into a one sided very painful, burning, itchy rash. If untreated, shingles can cause a chronic and painful nerve condition. This condition can be avoided with proper treatment and a Shingles vaccine is now available.

Heat Rash
Also referred to as Miliaria. Heat rash can occur when the body is unable to evaoporate it's sweat in hot conditions. This rash presents as small bumps under the skin and is seen more often in hotter, more humid climates, and especially after sports activity with constricting clothing.

Pityriasis Rosea
This condition is probably caused by a virus and presents as a scaly rash, typically appearing on the back or trunk of the body. It is occasionally itchy, and will go away on its own slowly over several weeks. It is important for this rash to not be misdiagnosed and treated with unnecessary medication, and for contacts to realize that it is not contagious.

This rash occurs in areas where moisture occurs, such as the underarms and groin. It also needs to be properly diagnosed to avoid unnecessary treatments. If left for prolonged periods of time a secondary fungal infection can take place, which can complicate the treatment.

Drs. Achtman and McConnell are qualified physicians in the Plano, TX area and are here to help patients of all ages identify, diagnose, and treat rashes which may occur. In their state-of-the-art facility, patients can enjoy the benefits of quality care and the attention and respect they expect and deserve.

If you live in the local community and are considering obtaining dermatological and, or cosmetic care and attention by a quality team, call DSA Dermatology today!

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