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What psoriasis treatment is right for Plano area patients?

Psoriasis Treatment Plano - Psoriasis Rash on Neck Plano Everyone is affected by skin rashes at some point in their lifetime. Some patients may experience a rash just by coming in contact with a certain cleaner, chemical, or fabric, while others may deal with more chronic inflammation of the skin. Patients who have received a diagnosis of psoriasis may be curious to learn about what the condition is and the best treatment for their specific needs.

Psoriasis treatment may vary depending on the type. There are many variations of psoriasis, which include:
  • Plaque
  • Guttate
  • Pustular
  • Inverse
  • Erythrodermic
Once a dermatologist such as Dr. Daniel Achtman has evaluated the skin of a patient and determined their specific type of psoriasis, he can then suggest a specific form of treatment to assist in controlling the condition. The severity of the condition may also play a part in determining the best treatment plan for individuals.

There are many methods of addressing psoriasis, including prescription topical treatments, light therapy, internal medications for systemic treatment, and a combination of any of the above. Topical prescription treatments are often the first to be considered, as they are easy to use and are applied directly on the psoriasis. However, everyone reacts differently to treatments, so treatments do need to be monitored by a dermatologist to ensure patients are seeing the benefits of their therapy. Light therapy has been proven useful for individuals who have large areas of psoriasis, and systemic treatment is often recommended for those who have severe psoriasis.

A consultation appointment and physical examination of the condition is the very best way to determine the course of action needed to control the condition. Dr. Daniel Achtman can provide a thorough medical background check, exam and properly diagnose your condition. He can then make appropriate suggestions with regards to a treatment plan that should really work with your needs and lifestyle.

If you live in the Plano area and have struggled with psoriasis treatments that have not worked, it may be time to speak with an experienced team about the other methods which can be used to address this chronic skin condition. New patients are always welcome at DSA Dermatology and you are encouraged to contact us for an appointment and meet with our quality team.

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