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Location near me in Plano, TX that provides photofacials

Many patients who want to address the signs of aging and improve sun-damaged skin may speak to the team of DSA Dermatology about solutions such as photofacials. Photofacials are treatments that are done to help patients in addressing the texture and tone of the skin in a safe and effective manner with intense pulsed light, also referred to as IPL. IPL is the perfect way to achieve a more youthful glow and healthier looking skin, and can be used to reduce:
  • Spider veins
  • Brown spots
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Freckles
  • Poor texture and tone
Drs. Daniel Achtman and Carmine McConnell of Plano, TX are here to help patients who are searching for photofacial treatments to improve their skin. At DSA Dermatology, we offer some of the latest technologies to help patients of all ages in improving the appearance and beauty of their skin. IPL uses a light beam that can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, spots, and spider veins with heat. This wavelength of light energy can be customized to a patient’s needs and desires to provide them with the best solution to aging, tired, and poorly toned skin.

IPL treatment can provide clear, beautiful skin for patients with any of the above skin concerns. Optimum results are achieved by undergoing several IPL sessions, typically between three to five treatments scheduled weeks apart for initial results. Then, patients may want to consider regular treatments to maintain the results and address any new hyperpigmentation concerns or texture issues that may arise over time. Treatment sessions are approximately 20 minutes long and most patients will experience mild redness afterwards. However, they can go back to their daily activities with little to no interruption whatsoever.

If you live in Plano, TX and you have been searching for a dermatologist who provides photofacials “near me,” contact the team of DSA Dermatology. Drs. Daniel Achtman and Carmine McConnell encourage new and current patients to take the time to learn about the amazing methods of treatment available through their facility for cosmetic and medical skin care concerns.

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