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Dermatology office in Plano describes the different rash types commonly seen on the skin of children

Drs. Daniel Achtman and Carmine McConnell provide dermatological care for patients of all ages. Dermatology for children and young adults focuses on diagnosis and treatment of childhood skin, hair, and nail conditions. One of the most common reasons patients visit DSA Dermatology with a child is due to a rash. Rashes vary in intensity and may be accompanied with other symptoms that can help in providing a proper diagnosis and developing an appropriate treatment plan.

Many types of rashes may develop on the skin of children and they may be due to allergies or contact with an allergen either topically or orally. This type of rash usually includes contact dermatitis and hives. These kinds of rashes can be reduced by avoiding contact with the allergen. The difficult part is to find out what the allergen is, and it may be topical or oral or both! Some rashes may be itchy and uncomfortable and they can become recurrent.

Some rashes may be due to a contagious illness either viral or bacterial. Fifths disease is a viral rash that may develop on the body accompanied with a red face and flu-like symptoms. Scarlet Fever is a bacterial disease that develops with complaints of red skin, sore throat, fever, and stomach pains. Roseola is another common viral illness that develops a rash after patients have experienced cold-like symptoms and a fever. Some of these rashes may need to run their course, while others may benefit from medication. By seeing a dermatologist and getting a proper diagnosis, you can provide the correct treatment for your children.

Other common skin conditions that are accompanied by a rash include impetigo, chicken pox, heat rash, and eczema. These skin concerns may be chronic or just short-term problems that require medication or medicated topical creams to control or eliminate them.

Most rashes are harmless, but it's always a good idea to be prudent when it comes to childhood skin concerns. Parents who are unsure as to why their child has developed a skin condition are encouraged to contact a dermatologist. At DSA Dermatology, our trusted, caring professionals can put a parent's mind at ease and give them the tools and knowledge they need to handle rashes and other skin disorders that may affect their children.

When patients have received a proper diagnosis by their dermatologist, they can then determine the best course of treatment. Drs. Daniel Achtman and Carmine McConnell of DSA Dermatology can help children in the Plano area with their skin concerns.

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