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Esthetician Service


Esthetician Service Plano - Leila Montazeri, Esthetician

Leila Montazeri, Esthetician

We would like to introduce DSA Dermatology’s Esthetician, Ms. Leila Montazeri. Leila is a dedicated and caring professional who enjoys enhancing both the health and beauty of her clients.

Leila’s education began with a college degree in business administration, followed by a Cosmetology Career Center diploma from Dallas. She obtained her certificate in esthetics with a GPA of 98%.

Leila is qualified in:
  • Professional make-up application
  • Chemical peels for acne, rosacea, and anti-aging
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Waxing
  • Threading
  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Eyelash and brow tinting
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Laser Hair Removal
She has been trained by Dr. McConnell for IPL and Photofacials.

Leila is also available for both complimentary makeup consultations as well as skin product analysis. She can help you understand how to make smart, economical, and safe choices for your particular skin condition. Leila works closely with Dr. McConnell and consults with her on all procedures to ensure her patient’s safety. Your best outcome is always her priority.

Leila gained experience working for several dermatologists in the Dallas area, and then joined our office in 2005. You’ll find that Leila will make you feel relaxed and right at home. She really listens to her clients and forms a rapport with them. She is smart, funny, and engaging, and we are happy to have her on our team. Consider coming by and letting Leila help you enter the world of esthetics so that you may “love the skin you are in.”


24 Karat Gold Facial

This treatment begins with steam cleaning, and then an exfoliating enzyme masque. It includes a special protective anti-wrinkle treatment, with amazing skin-firming properties. It can restore suppleness and elasticity.

Lightening and Tightening Facial

The procedure begins with a steam cleaning and revitalizing masque. Natural skin whitening ingredients reduce epidermal hyperpigmentation and inhibit melanin production. It is ideal for all skin types, but specifically beneficial for hyperpigmented skin. It includes a relaxing hand or neck massage.

Deep Pore-Cleansing Facial

Starts with a steam cleaning, then an enzyme masque to exfoliate the skin and prepare it for extractions. A masque that regulates excessive secretions of sebum, calms and heals blemishes, and tightens enlarged pores. This is ideal for acne-prone or oily skin. It includes a relaxing hand or neck massage.

Hydrating Facial

Starts with a steam cleaning, then an enzyme masque to exfoliate the skin and prepare it for a super hydrating masque that stimulates circulation, regenerates moisture, and neutralizes free radicals. It is ideal for dry aging skin. It includes a relaxing hand or neck massage.

European Facial Treatment

Starts with a steam cleaning, then a masque will be selected for your skin's needs. Ideal as a gentle skin pick me up. Great when combined with an anti-wrinkle microcurrent treatment. Includes a relaxing hand or neck massage

Teen Facial

This treatment is designed for adolescent skin. Customized enzyme facial purifies, deep cleans, and treats problem acne prone skin. Your esthetician provides tips for optimum skin care. This treatment is ideal for ages 13 to 18.


Known as the red carpet facial, the microcurrent is a facial that uses a mild electrical current very similar to what our bodies generate. An injured or damaged area disrupts the natural flow of electricity through the tissue, and when the microcurrent is applied, it has the ability to restore the lost energy to that area. It is a great option to add to any facial treatment.


“Light Emitting Diodes,” or LED, is a non-invasive, painless, and safe skin treatment approved by the FDA. Specific wavelengths of colored light energy safely penetrate your skin, producing optimal skin rejuvenation at the cellular level. After the LED treatment, your skin will look and feel firm, rejuvenated and youthful. In addition, skin will be more hydrated, smoother, and it will have a natural radiant glow.


“Threading” is an age old eastern skill for removing hair from the skin with little or no damage or risk of hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) that can be caused from waxing. This method not only gets rid of dark coarse hair, but is also excellent for fine blonde hairs that can escape waxing and lasers.

Your skin should be cleansed and then a very thin thread is held in the esthetician’s hands and twirled in such a way to remove hair quickly. You will feel a slight pinching sensation. Threading usually leaves the skin with a smooth texture. Occasionally, some sensitive individuals may experience a few acne breakouts or very small superficial abrasions. These are rare and temporary.

Hair growth usually will also decrease after several treatments. One usually receives treatment every 5 to 8 weeks, depending on hair growth.


Try our quick, easy, and long lasting lash and brow tinting for beautiful, dramatic eyelashes and eyebrows.

Before you know it, you can have gorgeous eyelashes and eyebrows in the ideal shade for you.

This treatment is so simple that it can be done while you are having another procedure.

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