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Wow!!! I randomly looked up a dermatologist in my area for a small procedure I needed done and I will say I could not be happier with this team!!!! EVERYONE in the office is just so friendly and welcoming. The Doctor was super super nice and explained everything in detail that was easily understandable and even had suggestions on how to keep costs down.The nurse I had was WONDERFUL!!! Just an all around perfect experience and I highly highly suggest this office to anyone in the West Plano area. Great example of good culture in an office. Loved my visit!

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Find Relief with Eczema Treatment for the Face

The feeling of an itchy eczema rash on your skin can be unbearable. While we know scratching only makes it worse, it’s hard to help it. If you’re ready for some lasting relief from your eczema, here at DSA Dermatology in Plano, Texas, Drs. Daniel S. Achtman and Jordan Achtman are ready, willing, and able to provide the best eczema treatment and help you get rid of eczema scars!

Eczema Treatment for Face in Plano TX Area


Understanding Eczema, Rashes, and Psoriasis.

Several irritating skin rashes can break out on your skin for various reasons. These conditions range from very annoying to incredibly alarming.



Eczema can present slightly different symptoms in children and adults.

  • Children: Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis, a fairly common skin condition in children, especially infants. Eczema usually starts in the creases of the elbows or knees, although it can also occur in areas like the wrists, ankles, or neck. It begins as scaly, itchy patches and can persist into adulthood without proper treatment.
  • Adults: Around half of all kids outgrow eczema. However, the condition will likely leave them with dry, sensitive skin. For others, the condition persists into adulthood while presenting slightly different symptoms. While rare, a person who never had eczema as a child may still develop it as an adult. Eczema tends to appear scalier in adults than in children. Plus, in addition to elbows and knees, the condition can be visible on the face and neck, especially around the eyes. In fact, it can cover someone’s entire body!


This chronic skin disease develops because of a dysfunction in our immune system. Skin cells begin to grow too quickly and are not properly shed, causing a build-up on the surface of your skin, which causes a rash. At this time, we don’t know exactly what causes the immune system dysfunction that leads to psoriasis. However, scientists believe it is likely a genetic condition triggered by different factors such as stress. This condition is not contagious.

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Other Rashes

Here at DSA Dermatology Drs. Daniel Achtman and Jordan Achtman treat thousands of different skin conditions, many of which consist of rashes. A few of the most common rashes include:

  • Contact Dermatitis: Caused by an allergic reaction to an object or substance touching the skin. This condition can be caused by nearly anything such as metal, fabric, household cleaners, and cosmetics.
  • Pityriasis Rosea: Also known as “Christmas Tree Rash,” this condition produces a scaly rash that usually appears on the back. It can form an outline resembling a Christmas tree.
  • Miliaria: Also known as heat rash, this condition consists of small bumps caused by the restricted output of sweat during hot conditions.
  • Drug Rash: An allergic reaction on the skin caused by an over-the-counter or prescription drug.
  • Herpes Zoster: Also known as shingles, this painful rash occurs in individuals infected with Chickenpox at one point.
  • Intertrigo: Skin inflammation caused by moisture and abrasion in areas where the skin touches, such as the underarm, abdomen, and groin.

We Can Help

Your skin condition does not have to be a fact of life. You don’t have to simply accept itchy skin. Begin your road to relief by calling DSA Dermatology to schedule your consultation. Our phone number is (972) 362-9567and you can visit our office at 5072 W. Plano Pkwy, Suite 150, Plano, Texas.



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DSA Dermatology Best Doctors Dr. Daniel S. Achtman DSA Dermatology Best Doctors Dr. Carmine G. McConnell DSA Dermatology Best Doctors Dr. Jordan. Achtman

At DSA Dermatology, we bring to you the best of not one but three leading dermatologists in Plano TX, Dr. Daniel S. Achtman, Dr. Carmine G. McConnell and Dr. Jordan. Achtman.

Dr. Achtman is a board-certified Dermatologist with over three decades of experience. Having graduated from the medical school of McMaster University, he also studied at the UTSW Medical Center in Dallas, TX where he also served as Chief Resident in the Department of Dermatology. In addition to possessing extensive training and experience in cosmetic enhancement techniques, Dr. Achtman is widely known as a leading expert in the diagnosis and treatment of various skin cancers. He is an active member of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Dr. Achtman goes the extra mile to understand your medical concerns and to ensure that he helps you meet your unique aesthetic goals.

Dr. Carmine G. McConnell is a board-certified physician in Plano TX. Having been trained at McMaster University, Canada, she went on to earn her board certification in Texas. Having served as Chief of Staff of her department at Plano Medical Center, she has over two decades of experience in practicing medicine in her practice and while assisting Dr. Achtman in the practice of dermatology. In addition to her extensive postgraduate training in laser therapy and aesthetic surgery, among other procedures, she possesses vast experience in both cosmetic dermatological techniques and family medicine. As a conscientious and caring physician, Dr. McConnell provides her patients with customized non-surgical treatments to help address health and aesthetic concerns related to the skin. She is also keen on helping patients understand their skin and how it can be cared for and protected.

Dr. Jordan Achtman is a board-certified dermatologist in DSA Dermatology at Plano, TX. Dr. J. Achtman graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and completed his residency in dermatology at UT Southwestern. His expertise spans general, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. Dr. J. Achtman also has various special interests including chronic itch, infectious diseases of the skin, and the relationship between mental health and skin health. He is also very keen on helping patients form healthy skincare regimens and habits. In the hands of Dr. J. Achtman, you can be assured of innovative and cutting edge solutions for all your skin concerns.

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