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Plano, TX area patients can improve their acne with better skin care

Acne Skin Care Plano TX - Skin Care Acne is a skin condition that is incredibly common for patients in and around the Plano, TX area. This condition is not just experienced by teenagers. In fact, many adults visit DSA Dermatology to seek assistance with acne. It affects both men and women and can be incredibly embarrassing for those who have it and are having difficulty keeping it under control with over-the-counter products.

Some patients with acne might require prescription strength oral or topical medications. They may be used to treat the inflammation that is causing the acne or to control the oils produced by the glands on the skin. A good skin care regimen can greatly improve the health of the skin and help the medications do their job. Here are some tips for better care of acne-prone skin to enhance the care given by our dermatological team:


Choosing a cleanser that has the right ingredients for targeting acne is a great start. Let DSA Dermatology help you choose a cleanser that is both gentle enough not to irritate your skin while also improving it with ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, topical bacteria fighting ingredients or salicylic acid, ingredients known for combating acne.

Proper cleansing

It is important that patients cleanse their skin gently and avoid causing any trauma that may worsen the condition. Skin with active acne should be handled carefully as injury may result in permanent acne scars. Scrubbing the skin should not be done. Instead, cleansers should be applied by hand and washed off carefully. Then, the skin should be blotted with a soft towel to dry.


Using the right moisturizer that does not aggravate acne is essential. While it may seem counterproductive to use a moisturizer on oily skin, it is known that dry skin can result in the overproduction of oil, which contributes to acne. Moisturizing the skin appropriately may reduce the oil present in the skin. Let us help you choose an oil free moisturizer that will help your skin improve.


Don't avoid sunscreens because you may be afraid they will trigger your acne. At DSA Dermatology, we have specially formulated sunscreens that are oil free and have acne fighting ingredients in them. Acne inflammation that is exposed to the sun can cause hyperpigmentation (brown marks), so in the summer, sunscreen can actually help your skin look better!


Patients with acne should only use makeup that is oil-free and that can allow air to reach your skin to promote healing. At DSA Dermatology we do have makeup that allows oxygen to penetrate through it and it has ingredients that are acne fighting in it. If you are having trouble controlling your acne because of your makeup please let us help you solve this problem with specialized products designed with the acne patient in mind.

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